How to Make a Gift Feel Luxury Without Breaking the Bank (Plus Handpicked Affordable Designer Gifts)

How to Make a Gift Feel Luxury Without Breaking the Bank (Plus Handpicked Affordable Designer Gifts)

Gift-giving season is upon us, and we're all on the hunt for great gifts that our loved ones will swoon over. But you don't need to go smashing your piggy bank to find affordable luxury gifts that feel nothing less than a grand gesture.

In this guide, we'll show you that sophistication and style don’t always come with a hefty price tag. We've created a list of brilliant affordable gift ideas and ways to spruce them up so they feel extraordinary. 

How to Elevate Your Gift

Besides the obvious - dressing your gift up in fancy wrapping and ribbons - there are a few ways to achieve that special "perfect gift" feeling.

  • Handmade and Artisan Gifts: Gifts that exude skilled craftsmanship create the impression of luxury even if the price tag doesn't match.
  • Create anticipation: Use layers of tissue paper or nesting boxes to make the recipient unwrap the gift slowly, building excitement for their gift.
  • Scented elements: Give your gift a luxury feel with a scented element. A sachet of lavender, a fragrant candle, or aromatherapy products engage another of the five senses and create a lavish atmosphere.
  • Experience Gifts: Along with any of our memorable experiential gifts on GiftMeChic, tickets to see their favorite sports team, musical, or local event will leave a more lasting impression than most designer gifts.

A Taste of Luxury

They say the way to a person's heart is through their stomach. Stocking your friend's pantry with high-quality ingredients and indulgent treats can translate into a luxurious experience without digging too deep into your pockets. Continue reading for some culinary affordable luxury gift ideas.

Maison de la Truffe Risotto

Direct from Paris & exclusive to GiftMeChic, foodies will be delighted by a gift as gourmet and indulgent as truffle risotto. Save them some time in the kitchen and give them a pre-spiced risotto ready to be cooked and savored! 

Truffle risotto

Fantasia Extra Virgin Olive Oil 100ml

Olive oil, the way it’s supposed to be made, is hard to come by at the store. For the friend who appreciates Italian fare, this authentic EVOO is as good as it gets. Hand-harvested in Puglia, Italy, and milled with traditional millstones, this olive oil is authentic, smooth, and delicious.

 Extra Virgin Olive Oil Ceramic - 100ml

 Virgin Bellini by Cipriani

Who better to make Bellini starter than the people who invented the drink? This non-alcoholic mixer by Ciprani is perfect for celebrating in style. It’s not just for drinkers: pair it with prosecco for a classic Bellini or add club soda for a mocktail version.

 Virgin Bellini Non-alcoholic drink

Sea Salt with Oregano and Peperoncino

Spiced sea salt from a volcanic island in the Mediterranean Sea? Talk about a conversation starter. This all-natural spice pairs perfectly with everything from pasta to sauteed vegetables. Gift it to the friend who loves to cook, travel, or wishes they could do more of both.

 Sea Salt with Oregano and Peperoncino

Black Dahlia Botanicals Seasonal Selects CBD Bonbons

Bonbons are something we rarely buy for ourselves which makes it so much better when someone gets them for us. These aren’t your average bonbons, though. Each one is infused with 20mg of CBD hemp oil so you can melt the pain away in more ways than one. 

 Seasonal Selects CBD Bonbons

Unique and Chic

Taschen Andy Warhol. Polaroids 1958-1987

Taschen makes luxury art books that inspire minds and tell stories. From Frida Kahlo to collector motorcycles, their books are intrinsically sophisticated. Plus, your friend won't see it coming.

 Taschen Andy Warhol. Polaroids 1958-1987

Love is Project Taj Beaded Bracelet

The Love is Project employs women from around the globe, empowering them through fair wages, education, and access to healthcare. The Taj bracelet, dedicated to the Taj Mahal, is as beautiful as the message behind it.

 Beaded Bracelet - Red & White with Gold1

Olivia Dar Hamsa Eye Velvet Pouch

This pouch can protect your jewelry - and your vibes. Adorned with fine beads and sequins, it makes for a fabulous gift on its own, or as a vessel for a few bonus gifts inside.

 Eye Velvet Pouch

Olivia Dar Sparkle Eye Velvet Pouch

Handmade, artisan gifts are automatically elevated, but the different textures on this jewelry bag leave an impression of their own. The soft velvet and hand-beaded details of beads and stars speak to the quality of Olivia Dar’s design and craftsmanship. 

 Sparkle Eye Velvet Pouch

Shana Gulati Nash Bracelet w/Gold & Diamonds 

Pyrite is said to shield the wearer from negative energy and stimulate the intellect. This pyrite surrounds a star of raw, uncut diamonds and vermeil 18K gold. Handmade by artisans in Jaipur, India, this bracelet is sure to give off an air of opulence.


Elevated Self-Care

Cardsy B “The Saturn Diaries"

Unlock the secrets of self-discovery with "The Saturn Diaries" by Cardsy B—a fashion guru turned wellness witch. This raw memoir, adorned with spells and rituals, is a captivating journey from high-fashion chaos to intuitive healing. A perfect gift for those seeking laughter, insight, and a touch of mystical motivation.

 The Saturn Diaries Book

Paige Novick Soothe Gem Story Oil

Elevate your senses with Gem Story balancing oils—a harmonious fusion of Bios Apothecary's oils and Paige Novick's quality crystals. This luxurious blend of essential oils and crystals is the epitome of modern mind-body-soul wellness. A divine, empowering gift.

 Soothe Gem Story Oil

Cast of Stones Calming Soaking Salts w/Crystals

The Cast of Stones Soaking Salts is a worldly blend of mineral-rich Himalayan and Dead Sea salts, complemented by essential oils. This pampering gift detoxifies, relaxes, and soothes, inviting the recipient to bask in the serenity of ancient therapeutic rituals.


Cast of Stones Recharge Moisturizing Spray w/Crystals 

Give the gift of body and mind indulgence with an energizing body oil packed with essential oils and moisturizing oils for the skin. In a convenient spray form, it revitalizes the skin, leaving the boy nourished and the spirit uplifted.


Apothia Soul Candle

Crafted in LA, this soy wax blend candle is infused with African Ginger and rich Mahogany, offering a luxurious sensory experience. Sulfate, phthalate, paraben-free—indulgence without compromise. On top of that, it has a 60-hour burn time, so your friend can enjoy it for ages.

 Soul Candle

Aesthetic Upgrades

Santa Barbara Design Studio Iridescent Cocktail Straw - 4-Pack

Shiny, colorful, and eco-friendly. This cocktail straw pack from Santa Barbara Design Studio makes for a fun addition to a gift basket or beverage-themed present. 

 4Pack Cocktail Straw

Mr.P’s Place Cards Tannenbaum Custom Place Cards

For the host who’s seen it all, Marian McEvoy's pressed flower place cards will set any holiday gathering apart. The festive design can be customized or completed by the host.

 Custom Place Cards

Assouline New York Chic

Oliver Pilcher’s lens reveals an intimate view of New York, capturing everyday moments and iconic spaces in a visually stunning book. Featuring creatives like Omar Hernandez and Françoise Gilot, the book will immerse your recipient into the vibrant and contradictory city of dreams.

 New York Chic Guide

Jessica Lichtenstein Light My Fire Candle

Jessica Lichtenstein is known for her artwork that explores the layered themes of the female, finding juxtaposed connections in female power and objectification, fetishization, and natural beauty. This candle is from the “Eclipse: Out of the Shadows” installation. A thoughtful gift for the art lover or feminist. 

 Fire gold and black candle

Crystolver Real Dandelion Crystal Cube

For the friend who appreciates rarities and craftsmanship, this Dandelion Crystal Cube is sure to impress. It's made of high-quality jewelry resin, whole wood, and a hand-picked dandelion!

 Real Dandelion Crystal Cube

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