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Elisabeth Jones-Hennessy has curated one of a kind personal bespoke experiences. This year more than I am feeling that the gift of expanding our knowledge is more valuable than ever. Whether it is through nutrition, self-love, or a great wine tasting, the human connection is what is important. We are all craving something special, something that takes us out of our daily routine, an hour of time that we can look forward to. I think you will find a unique gift in this collection that will appeal to even the most discerning.

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Dani Garcia
GiftMeChic partners with 3-Michelin-Star Chef Dani Garcia, for an exclusive dinner experience.
Paige Novick
Exclusive Bespoke Crystal Prescription
Cardsy B
Tarot Reading
Wine Pairing Essentials
The Creative Kitchen
Virtual Private Family Cooking Class
Spring Whites
Dr. Penelope McDonnell, Nutrition Consultation
Paige Novick
One on One Intuitive Counseling with Paige Novick
Caviar Shark
The Caviar Shark Experience
Elisabeth by Appointment
Fleur du mal
Fleur du Mal Experience