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Discover thoughtfully curated treasures without breaking the bank. GiftMeChic offers an array of charming and meaningful surprises from around the globe. You can elevate your gifting game with a nod to luxury and a wink to your wallet. These gifts are all under $100 but their lasting impressions are priceless.

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Questions & Answers


What are some popular gifts under $100?

Here are a few gift ideas under $100:

  • Specialty candles
  • Fun graphic tees
  • Embroidered makeup bags
  • A book
  • Cocktail kits
  • Cookbooks
  • Gourmet cooking ingredients
  • A cute notebook
  • Crystals for manifesting

Are there any meaningful personalised gifts within $100?

At GiftMeChic there are! We've cultivated a trove of thoughtful and sophisticated gift ideas that cater to every budget so you can skip the hours of scrolling and window shopping. Accessories, candles, cheeky home decor, and more. Don't buy any old candle, go for one that smells like a trip down memory lane. Leave behind the ordinary and opt for something they'll truly appreciate.

Are there any experiences suitable gifts under $100?

Sometimes gifting an experience speaks volumes. Consider these suitable experience-gifts, all possible to find under $100.

  • Concert tickets
  • A few yoga classes
  • Gourmet cooking ingredients
  • A new record
  • Craft kit
  • Self-care products
  • New board games

What are some good gifts under $100 for kids?

For many kids, opening a gift is half the fun. Here are a few gift ideas under $100 for kids:

  • Art Supplies
  • Musical Instruments (children's sized)
  • Book sets
  • Outdoor game equipment
  • Fashion and accessories
  • Video game gift cards

How can I make a $100 gift feel more luxurious?

While there are plenty of budget-friendly gifts that feel lavish, sprucing up a $100 gift to feel more luxurious could involve:

  • An extra fabulous presentation. A personalized card, bows, and high-quality wrapping paper can give your gift a powerful first impression.
  • Texture and details. Embroidery and embellishments often mean the piece was made with artisanal care.
  • Unique and uncommon gifts. A gift that stands out has an air of exclusivity. Choose gifts in limited-time collections or eclectic boutiques.

Gift Curation Service

GiftMeChic offers gift curation services for organizations, retailers and private events. Please email us to inquire further.