Luxe gift trends for 2024

Luxe gift trends for 2024

At the latest Maison & Objet show in Paris, designers featured their newest offerings for the world of interior design, art, and fashion. The trade fair, which spotlights high-quality brands’ stylish products, welcomes the general public, design enthusiasts, and boutique owners who can browse and connect with the creators. As our founder, Elisabeth Noel Jones, perused the isles, three main concepts stood out to her as the emerging trends of 2024 design: “Au Naturel”, “Spirit-Centered”, and “Direct Messaging”.

You’ll find these concepts sprinkled throughout our gift collection, which is full of hand-picked goodies selected by Elisabeth herself. Here’s a quick 2024 trend report, and 12 gift ideas that follow suit.

Trend #1: Au Naturel

Natural textures and materials are having a huge influence on new styles. Exotic taxidermy of flamingos, tigers, and roosters stood out at the fair next to natural-inspired art. Textures of rattan, jute, and pampas grass echoed throughout the exhibits.

DecorsArts and decorsArts and Decors

In your 2024 gift hunt, think of nature as a gift itself. Get inspired by the way artists can manipulate raw materials into something with meaning and style. Take, for example, the concept of the air of New York City in a glass jar that was featured at the Paris event. What a way to say “I miss you, here’s a piece of me” like the air from the city you live in!

  Maison Jar

Inspired by these luxe trends, the GiftmeChic collection is proud to feature a few “au naturel'' styles…

RANJANA KHAN Kylie Pink Petal Earring

Ranjana Khan creates distinctive jewelry designs from eclectic materials. These statement-makers feature Baroque pearls, hand-cut glass, and silk flowers (wow). A perfect gift for the jewelry lover who’s anything but a plain Jane.

LUXE B PAMPAS GRASS Lavender Sage Bundle

Sage has been used in the indigenous Americas for centuries to cleanse and protect the energy around us. This bundle, from the acclaimed Luxe B Pampas Grass, includes dried lavender for an added calming effect. Who said nature can’t be chic?

PAIGE NOVICK Faceted Rondelle Bracelet with Baroque Pearl

Those seeking jewelry of-the-Earth will adore this pastel pink bracelet. Combining rose quartz and baroque pearl, it can be enjoyed as a stunning accessory or a focus for meditative thoughts.

ASSOULINE Flowers: Art & Bouquets

"Flowers: Art & Bouquets," curated by Sixtine Dubly, explores floral elegance from minimalist displays to elaborate ensembles. This luxe book showcases modern artists' floral interpretations, celebrating nature's beauty in an opulent style.

Trend #2: Spirit-Centered

Spirituality is taking center stage in 2024, with religious-themed decor seeing an artistic flair.  Maison & Objet showcased spiritual interior design across a range of beliefs and expressive styles.

If there’s one to be appreciated from the post-pandemic world, it’s a broader acknowledgment of how important self-care is, and a wider appreciation for spirituality in all of its forms. These curated gifts celebrate human's connection with higher power.

Statues and decorHand with eye on the center lightElisabeth in the mirror

SHANA GULATI JEWELRY Hamsa Gold Vermeil Pendant Necklace

The Hamsa symbol offers divine protection, symbolizing a shield against the “evil eye” and the five pillars of Islam with each of the hand’s fingers. This sparkling pendant necklace makes a fabulous gift for anyone with a spiritual interest and appreciation for fine jewelry.

CAST OF STONES 7 Chakra Stone Set

Give the gift of spiritual power with a set of chakra-aligned crystals. One for each of the body's energy centers, these gems enhance well-being from head to toe. Clear Quartz for enlightenment, Purple Amethyst for intuition, Blue Sodalite for expression—each stone fosters balance and vitality.

LOVE IS PROJECT Ombré Love Bracelet - Serengeti Sunset

Gift the LOVE bracelet, a symbol of universal love and empowerment. Handcrafted by Maasai women, each purchase from the LOVE project supports sustainable livelihoods around the world. Versatile and waterproof, it's perfect for every day and a reminder to shop ethically.

SLOANE STATIONERY Me Myself & I Notebook

The Me Myself & I Notebook is essential for capturing life's note-worthy moments with style and sophistication. Handmade in England, each book in the Sloane Stationery collection showcases fine details like grosgrain ribbon markers and lizard-embossed covers with gold embossed lettering. 

Trend #3: Direct Messaging:

Sometimes talking around a subject is what gives it a mysterious appeal. Other times, you just need to say it like it is. The final gifting trend for 2024 to be pointed out is direct messaging: items that say it like they mean it. There’s something charming about knowing exactly what something means; no interpretation or guesswork needed.

Message in the Bulb - Dream Big

For the friend that needs a nudge in the right direction, send them a message from the universe. From Message in the Bulb, a Parisian company that creates hand-made LED light designs, this message is a reminder to follow your dreams.

CARDSOME Wild Child Tee

Unleash your inner wild side with the "Wild Child" tee. Made from the softest organic cotton jersey, it's cheeky, comfy, and oh-so-cool. Perfect for adding a playful edge to your look, exclusively from Norway on GiftMeChic!

Blow Me Matches

For the friend that loves a good pun, this matchbox is sure to bring a smile to their face. The Bold black-and-white design makes the message hard to miss.

World Domination Notebook

The World Domination notebook: because who isn't secretly plotting it? Embrace your inner supervillain with this high-quality piece. Soft, flexible cover with cream lined paper, exuding luxe vibes with lizard texture card and gold embossed design.

Gift Ideas for Any Occasion

At GiftMeChic, we specialize in curating high-quality gifts that not only transcend passing trends but stay current with the latest styles. Our collection features timeless pieces that resonate with the most discerning gift receivers.

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