Anniversary Gift Ideas: Celebrate Love’s Milestones in Style

Anniversary Gift Ideas: Celebrate Love’s Milestones in Style

Whether you are gifting your significant other or attending an anniversary party of friends, this curated list of gift ideas doesn’t fall into the traditional “anniversary year categories” on purpose. 

Instead, we thought about gifts that can light up the lives of the anniversary couple in other ways. Whether it’s a literal sculptural light, a unique artist-made candle, a travel book to plan their next vacation, or a memorable shared experience, these anniversary gifts signify beauty, love, and romance. Each with its own meaning behind it and gifted along with a handwritten note from you, your gift will be remembered and cherished for years to come.

1. Studio Drift Dandelight


A thought-provoking blend of nature and technology, this piece is more a work of art than it is a night light. Each seed is hand-picked from a Dandelion and attached to an LED light, creating a stunning display and reminder of the plant’s resilience. Gift it to the partner who sees beauty in everything around them.

2. Love Emoji Wireless Light

Message in the bulb

Show your S.O. that you’ve only got heart eyes for them with the wireless, rechargeable mini neon light. Each bulb design is handcrafted with sustainability in mind and is sure to light up the room in more ways than one. Say “Happy Anniversary” with a gift that makes you think of them.

3. Assouline Travel by Design

Travel by design bookHighlighting travel images captured by over 150 leading architects and designers, "Travel by Design" can serve as inspiration for you and your beau’s next “baecation,” or next year’s anniversary gift. The book takes readers on a journey through the world’s natural beauties, posh resorts, and eye-catching cityscapes.

4. L’Original Caviar Crown

Caviar Crown

The Caviar Crown is perhaps the most decadent way to enjoy this tasty delicacy. Creatively designed by the Caviar Shark, this cake-like creation consists of a light and fluffy egg salad base layer, followed by layers of cream cheese and caviar. New Yorkers can have this delicious anniversary gift delivered right to the doors of their loved ones. 

5. Light My Fire Candle

This candle is beautiful on its own, but its artistic meaning makes it even more engaging. Renowned for her commentary on the many facets of femininity, Jessica Lichtenstein outdoes herself again with the Light My Fire Candle. From afar, one sees a simple tree. Come closer, and the leaves are actually a sea of dancing women emerging from the shadows they’ve been confined to.

6. Love & Happiness Crystal Stone Set 

Love & Happiness Stone Set

Give your lover a reason to practice self-care and a reminder that your relationship is worth manifesting. The Love & Happiness stone set by Cast of Stones includes rose quartz, amethyst, and quartz crystal, a combination chosen to protect one’s energy and improve relationships with the self and others.

7. Couples Astrology Reading

Astrology & Clairvoyant Reading

A gift doesn’t get much more unique than a session with a metaphysical practitioner focusing on astrology and mediumship. If your person is into astrology, tarot, or a believer in spirituality, this experience gift is sure to wow them. Your reading will be with Trish Barlow, known for her clairvoyant gifts and focus on intuitive forecasting.

8. Wine Pairing Essentials

Wine Pairing Essentials

For couples who enjoy learning new skills and making memories together, consider a wine pairing class with David Sawyer, a certified sommelier and wine consultant. Come prepared with a few of your partner’s favorite meals, so you can wine and dine them later with the perfect pairing. This makes for a romantic, anniversary gift, regardless of their wine knowledge.

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