Unleashing Your Inner Seductress: Types of Lingerie and How to Wear Them

Unleashing Your Inner Seductress: Types of Lingerie and How to Wear Them

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Unleashing Your Inner Seductress: Types of Lingerie and How to Wear Them!

September 2023



Lingerie comes in many shapes, sizes, colors, and styles. Whether planning for a big date, wedding night, or everyday mood boost, choosing between so many types of lingerie can get overwhelming, to say the least.

Feeling comfortable (and sexy) in your skin is all about wearing lingerie that makes you feel like the hot and confident queen you are. We've created a guide explaining how to wear lingerie and love your body while you do it, whether you choose a simple sexy bra or an intricate costume! 

Lingerie Types - The Basics

Before you start your shopping spree, here are the main types of lingerie to consider:


Bustiers look like underwired crop tops; the idea is that they give the breasts a lift while gently slimming the waist, providing a sexy hourglass silhouette. Bustiers can be worn with lace panties or styled for a night out with pants and a blazer.

Sexy Bras

Everyone needs a sexy go-to bra in their lingerie collection for when they want to feel spicy. Your bust size will probably dictate the type of bra you go for. Satin bralettes give a bare, soft-to-the-touch look, lace underwire bras scream seductress, and a low-cut push-up style can bring out your inner temptress.

Garter Sets & Hold Ups

It doesn’t get much sexier than strappy garter sets and suspender belts to spice up your evening. While hold ups are some of the hardest garments to put on, the outcome is so worth it. All-black sets are a timeless wardrobe addition whereas fiery red looks can make you feel foxy and crazy confident when worn!

Crotchless Underwear

Intimidating as it may sound, crotchless panties are fun and functional. Most pairs look completely normal in a standing position, and the best part is, you can keep on your sexy lingerie on all night. As far as material goes, you can choose from satin, lace, or sheer underwear and match them with your bras, costumes, and other lingerie.


Chemises are short nightgowns or dresses that highlight all of your best feminine qualities. They hug the hips beautifully and are often lace or sheer, giving a visual tease of what you’re working with underneath. Women wear chamises on their wedding nights to look sensual yet somewhat covered up, playful yet wifelike. This type of lingerie leaves enough to the imagination that they’ll be entranced immediately.

Tights, Stockings, High Socks

Tights, stockings, and pantyhose can be worn to compliment other lingerie styles or as their own look altogether. Play with lace, fishnets, or glittery stockings paired with a chamise or garter set. The sexy possibilities are endless!

Tips to Master the Art of Lingerie

fleur de mal dressing roomfleur de mal dressing room

Tip#1: Start with a Bra Fitting

There’s nothing worse than feeling vulnerable in lingerie and fidgeting with loose straps and falling fabric on top of it. A bra fitting will ensure that your body looks and feels its best, so you can focus on the moment and not your outfit.

Tip#2: Wear What Your Body Feels Best In

Fashion is all about complimenting your body’s shape, size, and style. Choose the type of lingerie that you feel sexy in - period. If you feel better covering your midsection, go for a babydoll dress. If you love your legs, get fishnets to draw attention to them!

Tip#3: Do it for you

While you might be wearing lingerie to spice up date night or wow your partner, the most powerful thing about it is how it makes you feel. Something in the body’s energy shifts to embrace the romantic and provocative, and feeling desirable can bring out your inner coquette.

Tip#4: Matching Makes You Feel Good

Something about a matching lingerie set feels special. If you’re nervous to create your own combination, a matching set makes things easy and looks amazing every time - a great option for beginners.

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