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Astrology Reading

As EJH’s exclusive Astrologer for the past 10 years, Rakesh Mishra believes our birth chart provides us with the ultimate owner's manual of our Life Purpose and Path.

“The real goal is to regain Soul awareness for guidance in making life choices rather than from ego-based past experiences.”

During your 70 minute session, Rakesh will delve into the various parts of your chart, exploring past life lessons, themes of the present, and offer guidance for future life directions. Although choice ultimately directs your life, he reminds you that mindful choices have the power to correct Karmic imbalances, and help clear the path for continued soul growth. Rakesh melds the ancient wisdom of the East with more modern practices of the West to give the client a rewarding, spiritual and healing experience. This is a must-have experience for anyone who believes in and follows astrology.

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