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Chicest Gifts of 2022

These are the gifts that ooze chic. A thoughtfully curated collection that speaks to the all-knowing, well-traveled sophisticated recipient We promise these gifts will make a long-lasting statement.

Studio Drift
Exclusive Dandelight in Glass Dome
Maison Ravn
Andrea Mini
Paris Chic
Fleur du Mal
Fleur Lips Tee
Paige Novick
Exclusive Bespoke Crystal Prescription
Cocoon Silk Scarf
Cardsy B
Tarot Reading
Cardsy B
Girl Gang Tarot Card Deck
The Punctilious Mr. P's Place Card Co.
Mr. P's Jam Trio Gift Set
Ranjana Khan
Nightfall Earrings
Winter Reds
Astrology Reading
Maria Christofilis
Mini Heart Necklace
Dani Garcia
GiftMeChic partners with 3-Michelin-Star Chef Dani Garcia, for an exclusive dinner experience.
Paige Novick
White Agate Beaded Bracelet
Paige Novick
Pink Jade Beaded Bracelet
Paige Novick
Turquoise Beaded Bracelet
Nomad Noé
HERO- In Niani
Nomad Noé
MUSE- In Wyoming
Nomad Noé
PIONEER- In Tasmania
Nomad Noé
POET- In Hangzhou